Monday, May 18, 2009

Why cloth pads?

Why Should I Use Cloth Pads?

Comfort – Cloth pads are comfortable to wear – no more "scrunching" when you walk or sweaty, moist areas!

Health – Reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals (bleaches, formalhydes, dioxins) and fragrances. Disorders such as itchiness, rashes and thrush, whilst not cured by cloth pads, symptoms are substantially reduced. Cotton menstrual pad is good for menstrual pains, irritation and itching, as there is no FORMALDERHYDE, FLUORESCENT BLEACHING, GELATINE AND CHEMICALS in our pad which cause uterine disease like as 'a myoma of the uterus' and endometritis. The more you use the cloth pads, the more you feel it.

Environment - Based on the estimates used in price comparisons, a woman will use approximately 12,600 disposable menstrual products in her menstrual life. Each one of these pads contribute to the degradation of the planet, both through ingredients, the way in which it is made, and the way it is disposed.

Economical - Cloth pads last a long time (between 4 - 5 years or more depending on how you handle it). On average, women spend RM20 per month for disposable pads. That’s RM240.00 per year or RM1,200.00 every 5 years. You do the maths! Cloth pads can save you hundreds of ringgit – thousands over your menstrual years.

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